In operation since November of 2010, the Artists’ Greeting Cards Project continues. In establishing the project as an ongoing money-raiser for PAL Canada Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing assistance to older members and associates of the performing arts, Castle Publishing undertook to donate any profits from the sales of these cards to PAL. We were able to cut a donation cheque during early operations though sales have been sluggish lately.

Profits are to be donated each fiscal year-end and, as sales allow, we hope for  meaningful increases over the years.

Castle Publishing adds additional cards to its catalogue from time to time. Presently there are over a dozen cards available and discounts are available for larger orders. Cards may be purchased online or through our agent in Toronto, at LULLIDAZA in Stirling, Ontario, directly from the publishers in Hubbards, Nova Scotia or through the purchase order on the Artists’ Greeting Cards page.

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