This is a contribution to The Healer blog contributed by Dan. He played Larry in this new feature film. The accompanying shot is the property of the film company.

THE HEALER Happenings – Posted July 3, 2015
By Dan MacDonald (“Larry” in the film)
With filming completed in Aspotogan earlier this week, it seems appropriate for me to tell you more about that location. Some may already be aware; others may not. The house in which we were shooting is, of course, haunted.
Not by anyone we might know, but by an elderly lady who looks down, ready to scold, from her post in the upper front window where she watches in vain for her returning fisherman-husband, a man who went missing many years ago.
My performer colleagues may have noticed I was, perhaps, a bit “constrained” during our shoot last Thursday. It was certainly not because of the company present. Rather, it was because of the “presence” of The Lady in the Window.
Firstly, a muffled revelation: I am the seventh son of a seventh son. Those of the Scottish persuasion will understand the significance of that statement – whether they believe in “second sight” or not. Others will pooh-pooh the whole idea as nonsense. I, myself, try not to put too much store in it … but there are times when circumstances, strangeness, atmosphere and, yes, my Scots’ ancestors, insist I pay at least a modicum of attention.
Some of you may have experienced a niggling sense of tension in the Aspotogan house at various times, particularly during camera reverses when much equipment, furniture and props are noisily shifted about. Such “tension” would not have interfered with our work, being felt only slightly, although causing a lingering “Was that anything?” question.
Most of you did not venture into the grassy, front area that slopes down to the sea at this location, but those who did might have sensed they were being “observed.” And not by another member of the crew! The Lady finds change disturbing and, in the event of further shooting on this site, I would suggest you look up to the window and simply reassure her that no harm will come to her home … as I did on Thursday. She then appeared more relaxed and welcoming. I had hoped to go up to her station in the window and comfort her but shooting didn’t permit such an opportunity.

The “interference” was so slight that, to most of you, nothing appeared out of place throughout your time there. Some few of you may have briefly questioned a tingling sensation. This is to assure you that you are not coming down with anything, and to assure everyone that The Lady is a benign presence and might even grow to enjoy such visits. Just give a friendly nod to her in the window. DM

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