Welcome to our Tioram Enterprises Inc. website.

Tioram Enterprises Inc., is a company founded to foster creative endeavours in the areas of entertainment and writing for the Arts. Tioram Enterprises Inc. has 3 divisions. They are briefly described below.

Castle Publishing, continues adding to its series of any-time-greeting-cards using the artwork of some of our best known names in Entertainment. These cards are created in art forms other than those for which the artist is best known. A painting from a well-known actor, for example, or sculpture from one of our successful theatre directors.

Dan MacDonald, successful as an actor, director, writer and narrator over a 60-year career. Here his fans will be kept up to speed on projects in which he is presently involved as well as those lined up for the future. You’ll also find odd pieces of interesting historical information and stuff that should be of interest to others in the entertaining industry.

Tioram Arts Projects, a production company dedicated to bringing top-notch professional presentations to areas not usually included in the schedule of major tours. The company has been in existence for over a quarter of a century and has been involved in all areas of the world of entertainment. While the company has functioned continuously since 1983, its activities are sporadic and varied and its personnel are employed ad hoc according to the requirements of the proposed show.

Other items regarding Dan MacDonald’s activities may also be on this page.


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