reflectons-coverA special project was completed this summer by our Castle Publishing arm. In August the 1956 Graduating Class of Mount Saint Vincent College marked its 60th Anniversary with a Reunion in Halifax. Dan MacDonald’s wife, Nancy, is one of its graduates and suggested creating a “little project” on the Class as a gift to her classmates. Like Topsy, “it grow-ed” into quite an ambitious undertaking, ending as a 60-page booklet with history, coloured photos, memories and personal anecdotes by and about this special group of accomplished women.
A quote from the book states, “REFLECTIONS is a small book of memories about a small number of women who graduated from a small college in Nova Scotia in 1956. Their numbers were small but their influence was huge.
In 2016 they came together to greet their fellow classmates, to celebrate their lives and to reminisce about their days “at the Mount”. Mount Saint Vincent College was the only all-female school of higher learning in Canada at that time able to grant degrees.
Reflections, this small collection of memories, a gift to her classmates from Nancy Fry MacDonald and her husband, Dan, was a creation of their company, Castle Publishing.”
The publication, shown here, met with great success with many members deeming it a “gem of a book” and something they will treasure forever.

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