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The following cards are now available and look for new cards to be added in the very near future.

These cards are available for purchase and profits are donated to PAL Canada Foundation (PAL) a charity dedicated to assisting older members of the Performing Arts and their associates.

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Card Catalogue

The Playreading

The Playreading
Oil Painting by Gordon Pinsent

A disparate group of actors at a first reading of the script of their new production. All of the actors are displaying different attitudes to impress, out of shyness, to hide their nerves while a nervous-looking Director tries to get the company through the session. The female Stage Manager appears to have seen it all before!



Oil Painting by Elsie Sawchuk

As the Clown applies makeup we notice the sign reversed in the background. It’s a reproduction of the PAL logo. PAL (Performing Arts Lodges) is devoted to providing assistance to older members of Canada’s professional arts community and their associates in the areas of health, well-being and affordable accommodation. Clown was commissioned by PAL Canada as an award during the Comedy Awards.



Sculpture by Desmond Scott

One in a series of sculptures by Director/Writer Scott based on the characters in Irish playwright Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’. The ‘Godot Series’ was on view for a season at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and is now on permanent display at the Irish Classical Theatre Company in Buffalo, NY.


Home for the Season

Home for the Season
Oil Painting by Gordon Pinsent

This early work shows a scene from the artist’s Newfoundland childhood during the Christmas season. There are Mummers, kids in a snowball fight, father & son returning from rabbit hunting, a man guiding a load of wood home, even Mom listening to a Salvation Army band caroling in the street. The artist suggests he was probably in the woodshed!


View From Pal Place

View From Pal Place…..Night
Photograph by Norman Hart

Pal Place was the first residence for older members of the professional arts community and their associates. It opened in Toronto in 1993. Others have opened since in Vancouver and Edmonton and still others are pending. PAL (Performing Arts Lodges of Canada) is dedicated to caring for older members and associates of the arts professions in the areas of health, well-being and affordable accommodation. Mr. Hart is one of the earliest residents of Pal Place.


Icarus Ascending

Icarus Ascending
Sculpture by Desmond Scott

The artist is a multi-talented actor, director and writer whose truly arresting sculptures are much sought after. He has turned a ten-year obsession with the Icarus legend into 12 studies of the figure “whose reach exceeds his grasp”. This is the latest and most abstract. Polished bronze on stone. 4” x 4” x 20”.


Some Clowns Ive KnownSome Clowns I’ve Known
Oil Painting by Gordon Pinsent

The artist is a multi-talented, multi-award winning actor, producer, writer & sound-recording success in all areas of the entertainment world. He also happens to wield a mean hand with an artist’s paintbrush, as this exploding box of clown faces testifies.


The Theatre of NeptuneThe Theatre of Neptune
Painted art glass Installation by Ira Ginsberg

Depiction of first theatrical performance in the European tradition to be held in the New World. Commissioned by Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA) and presented to Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) in appreciation of its 21 years of stewardship of Canadian members. The gift marked the evolution, in April, 1976, of CAEA as a union separate from AEA and was formally installed in AEA’s New York headquarters in 1979.

Artwork originally designed and executed by Ira Ginsberg, Toronto – Image reprinted with the permission of Actors’ Equity Association


Lake Superior CoastLake Superior Coast
Oil Painting by Jayne Eastwood

The always fascinating Great Lakes area. Here we have a rendering of a Fall scene along the shores of Lake Superior by Jayne Eastwood. Ms. Eastwood is one of our best known actresses, continuing in the forefront of Canadian Film from its “inception” with Don Shebib’s Goin’ Down the Road through to its just-released, decades-later sequel, Down the Road Again. When not rushing from one gig to another, Jayne Eastwood can be found at home with her family in the Ontario countryside.


Eric Donkin as LearEric Donkin as King Lear (Peter Blais Design)
This memorable 1977 production of the Shakespeare masterpiece was designed for Neptune Theatre, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was created out of jute and many of the costumes were hand-crocheted by the artist himself. This is Eric Donkin as King Lear.

Photo:Stephen Fine


David Renton as Earl of KentDavid Renton as Earl of Kent (Peter Blais Design)
This memorable 1977 production of the Shakespeare masterpiece was designed for Neptune Theatre, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was created using jute (bransackng) and many of the costumes were hand-crocheted by the artist himself.
The photograph shows Halifax actor David Renton as Earl of Kent. He later served as Artistic Director of Neptune Theatre and taught in the theatre studies section of Dalhousie University.
Photo: Stephen Fine



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