Castle Publishing

Castle Publishing was established to provide an outlet for arts-related writings of books, articles, pamphlets, brochures and greeting cards.

Artists’ Greeting Cards – The Greeting Card Project is well underway. A number of cards recreate the artworks of well-know personalities from the world of entertainment who generate art works in a medium other than the one for which they are primarily known.

These cards are available for purchase, and profits are donated to PAL Canada Foundation (PAL) a charity dedicated to assisting older members and associates of the Performing Arts. There are additions to the greeting card catalogue from time to time. Check often.

Politics of Culture – (Book-in-progress) The interesting story of the development of Canada’s cultural unions has never been properly recorded, especially from the pen of one who spent several decades fighting the good fight for the rights of cultural workers.

Book Jacket view

The Writer Ponders

Dealing mainly with the two main performers unions, Alliance of Canadian Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) and Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA), the book presents an insider’s view of how, when and why our cultural unions developed as they did.

The fights, struggles, the defeats and the successes – all are here. The author also brings us up to date showing where we are at present and where we seem to be headed.



The Selfish Stage – (Book-in-progress) The Theatre is a hard master. Worldwide, the number of well-trained professionals working on any given day rarely rises above 20% of their organization’s total membership. Why would anyone want to get into this business?

The life is not as rosy and lucrative as the average person thinks. Even if they wanted to, few performers are able to retire with any hope of leading a life of dignity and calm assurance that the bills will be paid. Performing artists are woefully underpaid -the very small percentage of top earners commanding large fees skew the statistics giving an exaggerated view of the whole industry. More often than not, artists are inadequately supported by governments around the world yet, when a politician wishes to grab the public’s attention, it is usually the artist whose help is sought…and usually given…..and likely without being offered a fee. This is a story of one “successful” artist’s journey.

Clan Newsletter – The MacDonalds of Clanranald are a part of the great group of Scots, and those of Scottish descent, forming one of the greatest family groups -or Clans-  of Scotland, the MacDonalds. They number in the millions and are to be found in every corner of the earth and wearing every colour of skin.

There has been a recent upsurge of interest in family histories and none moreso that the huge interest in geneology with respect to the descendants of those hardy people who inhabited the Western Isles of Scotland a couple of centuries ago.

A spike in the search for blood connections to these forebearers is apparent in North America and throughout the world, and in Canada most especially. This newly launched newsletter responds to that.

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