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Dan MacDonald is an actor/director/producer/narrator who, with over 60 years of professional experience in various parts of the world, wants to let the industry know what he is presently doing, working on and planning. He is working constantly and a Resumé and other contact information can be found within these pages.



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Past Projects Include:

The following productions may still be caught from time to time in repeats.

HAVEN –Based on Stephen King material this very popular series has the magnificent scenes of Nova Scotia standing in for the State of Maine. In a small village there, strange things continue to occur. Does the place exist at all?

TRAILER PARK BOYS (the movie) – Senator Dan runs afoul of “the boys” when they appear before a Senate committee discussing the legalization of pot. A wild success in international markets, you should find little trouble locating this production.

WIND AT MY BACK – Aired each Sunday evening on CBC Television, coast to coast in Canada for six seasons. Can be seen in reruns on Canadian television and on selected channels in the United States. Loyal fans can be assured all episodes will be broadcast. But, you’re always wise to “check your local listings”. Dan gets to be pretty outrageous in most episodes, with the able assistance of Lynne Griffin, as his rough-and-ready wife.

A GIFT OF LOVE – This made-for-tv movie originally aired on Showtime channel. You may catch it in repeat broadcasts. Check for channel and times. Dan plays Debbie Reynolds’ hubby in this family movie. You’d think they’d been married forever. Has large dollops of tears, giggles.

GUILTY HEARTS – Another made-for-tv movie, this one based on the true story of murder. Academy Award Winners, Marcia Gay Harden and Olympia Dukakis play Dan’s daughter and wife, respectively. Again, look for repeats.

DUE SOUTH – The hugely popular “Mountie in Chicago” gig, starring Paul Gross, can be caught in reruns on various stations throughout the world. Unfortunately Dan’s character was just getting into stride when the series ended, but not before some funny scenes with Stan (Callum Keith Rennie), Constable Fraser’s odd sidekick, and Stan’s oddball dad, Damian Kowalski (Dan).

PATHFINDERJames Fennimore Cooper’s tale of colonial times. Is often repeated on various channels. Sometimes appears as television production,sometimes listed as movie. A love story where the good guy has to choose between a free life and the girl. Dan is the heroine’s father with a moving death scene in this one. Check it out.

THE LITTLE KIDNAPPERS – This delightful story of two Scottish kids who find a baby on the beach comes around again and again. Keep you eyes pealed for it. Charlton Heston plays the grandfather and Dan his friend, putting Heston in his place in the “trial” scene. A heart-warming tale, beautifully told, set in the Scottish area of Nova Scotia with Heston playing a dour Scot.

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